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our roots

It all started at the Union Square farmers market. In 2010 our founder, Diana Egnatz, was seeking to reconnect with her provincial roots and looked towards NYC’s open-air markets to feed her thirst for connection to the land. What started as a search to find food that tasted like home--Lancaster County , PA--soon became a food obsession. Armed with with her granny cart, Diana would visit her local farmers market and bring home all the bounty she could carry.


But what was Diana to do with all of this produce she was bringing home? She was a young single gal that could only host so many dinner parties! Over the years she turned to the art of preserving...something she knew nothing about! Tomato sauce comes from a jar, right? She had never canned anything in her life, but went wild experimenting in her kitchen. When friends and family began expecting jars of goodies, Diana realized she was creating something special.


Down the rabbit hole she went and become consumed with food preservation. Peaches were brandied, ramps transformed into sauerkraut, and cantaloupe flesh became a savory spread. The possibilities were endless… Fast forward to 2018, Diana has created a brand of modern preserves that highlight regionally grown produce. Her passion for preserves, love of seasonal produce, and a zest for composting has been channeled into Hot Spoon Preserving.