Our preserves

We handcraft fruit spreads, conserves, and chutneys in small batches using simple ingredients. Modern preserving is at the core of Hot Spoon’s flavors and ingredients. We create exciting flavor combinations such as Peach + Lavender fruit spread, Melon + Pepper spread, and Green Tomato + Nectarine chutney. Our two fruit Spreads contain 40% less sugar than regular jam, our Caramel Apple + Ginger fruit spread has 7g of sugar per serving vs. 12g sugar per serving in regular’s so good, you won’t miss that sugar!

Our mission is to highlight the beautiful produce we use so we don’t add any artificial preservatives, colors, or sweeteners. We support Regional Food Culture by using local farmers to purvey our produce and sell our preserves at NYC farmers markets. Atop each jar our customers can read exactly where the main ingredients of our preserves are from. Since growing seasons vary, we use a network of regional farms to source our fruits. We believe in partnering with local purveyors so we can preserve produce at the peak of ripeness and taste.

Hot Spoon has a conscious and composts all production food scraps -- it’s just the right thing to do! Hot Spoon is also a member of  1% for the planet, which assists companies in donating a percentage of profits to environmental charities. Since we take such pride in making the best products with the best produce, it just makes sense that we want our company to give back in the best way possible. At Hot Spoon we want our customers to know exactly who they support in choosing our brand.